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Layout description

Layout is defined in LAYOUT in config.h.

LEDs within a node are supposed to be installed counter-clockwise. The edge where the cables enter the node is node 0. To its right (counter-clockwise, remember) is corner 0. Then edge 1, corner 1, edge 2, corner 2 before coming back to edge 0.

Thereby, the next panel can either be installed along edge 1 or edge 2. (But the cable has to go corner 0, corner 1, corner 2 first.)

First panel is ignored in LAYOUT. First entry in LAYOUT is the edge through which the cable leaves Node 0 to Node 1 - which can be either Edge 1 or Edge 2.

On the next panel, the edge the cable is coming through is called Edge 0 again. And so on.

So, LAYOUT countains a list of edges the cable takes to leave to the next node.


Command can be sent via MQTT to MQTT_TOPIC_COMMANDS. Syntax is key=value or key=value&key2=value2....

Valid keys are:

  • mode sets a new mode. Valid modes are:
    • corners
    • nodes
    • first_corner
    • first_node
    • flash
    • static
    • off
  • brightness sets the overall brightness of the lamp. Values are from 0 to 255 inclusive.
  • duration if sets, mode and brightness are set for this amount of seconds only.
  • color sets the color for static and flash modes. A predefined color name is expected.
  • speedup sets a speedup for faster animations. Default value 1, possible values are 1 to 255. 0 will lead to an exception.

Startup sequence

During startup:

  • 1 green corner: FastLED is initialized.
  • 2 green corners: WiFi is connecting...
  • 3 green corners: Layout is analyzed...
  • 4 green corners: Connecting to MQTT server...
  • 5 green corners (only if OTA_DELAY is set): Waiting for an OTA connection...
  • Everything green (quarter of a second): Initialization done.